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The harbour approach

There are no off lying dangers from the South of North but it is not always easy to identify the Meachard Island and the entrance headlands. The coastguard lookout is however conspicuous and is manned and can be contacted on channel 65 or 16.


Do not attempt to enter unless conditions are very settled. Anchoring is possible in the outer area and you can tie up on the south quay but bear in mind the large tidal range.

There is a ladder.


Visiting boats are requested not to tie up on the old pier which is frequently used by fishermen.


On summer days beware of swimmers / divers and sometimes there are lobster pot buoys to avoid in the vicinity and the approach.

Tidal Data Times and Range
MHWS 7.3 m MLWN 2.7m MLWN2.7 m This gives a Spring Range of 21 feet.

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